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Dunk Tank Water Fun - Great fun for all ages!  Hit the target with the ball and dunk a person (who is over 18) into the tank of water. Bubble Wash Water Fun - Enter the Bubble Wash and get wet with water. Walk past the air holes and enjoy the cool experience. Good for adults and children. Aqua Extreme - This is the only water obstacle course in the inflatable rental industry. This new attraction is sure to amaze all of the guests at your next event. We only carry one water obstacle course in our inventory, so please book in advance. Dimensions: 48L x 32W x 20H. Monster Wave Water Ride - Cool off on this fun summertime activity as you slide down and splash. Paddle Boat Park Water Ride - 25' x 25'  One of the most popular for summer splash events and picnics. Pitch Burst Water Inflatable - The safe and fun alternative to the dunk tank. Water falls not people! Fun for all ages. Great for parties, fund raisers, and much more! Can be used outdoors and indoors. Everyone can get Splurshed, even little kids! Lil' Splash Slide - Can be used wet for those hot summer days or can be used dry.  Lil Splash slide can be used as a standard dry slide or we can add the sprinkler system and make it wet water slide.  Either way you will have a great time. Slip N' Slide Water Ride - 12' X 25' long, Everyone enjoys sliding on their bellies through the slide. Giant Water Slide Combo - This combination Slip N Slide and Giant Slide Waterslide is a great new inflatable ride. Over 65 feet of fun. Water Tag Fun - Refreshing fun for all ages!  Everyone gears up for watertag! Dolphin Water Slide - provides plenty of splash. Slide is 22 Feet Long. Steep Slip n Slide - Our Largest Water Slide 50 feet long! Wild Rapids Water Slide - 15' X 40' Kids go tubing up and down the slide.Water Wars - Take sides and try not to get wet in this fun water game. Each side launches water bombs at the opposing team.The projectiles burst in the netting, raining down water on the people underneath. Length: 45 FT Width: 13 FT Height: 15 FTOnline Family Photo Album by v3.2m