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Inflatable Football Toss - Rent a football toss game for all you die hard football fans. Everyone wants be a quarterback so step up to this inflatable football throw game and perfect your throw 2 Minute Drill - electronic Football game rental features electronic scoring and a countdown clock with buzzer perfect for team building and sports parties Criss Cross Collision is an inflatable human hamster ball course recommended for all ages and events. 100ft long and has nearly 250ft of racing lane action.  The game is filled with loads of obstacles and varied terrains. For an added splash, it also has four water traps that can be filled with a couple of inches of water. 
Adrenaline Rush - This inflatable obstacle course can be an amazing centerpiece for an Indoor FEC or any backyard party. The inflatable play structure begins with a front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through tunnels and pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. Large 18' feet tall Inflatable Dartboard & Bullseye is a double sided game where Kids kick a Velcro ball onto it! Hippo Chow Down New - What better way to interact with friends and family than by renting the hippo chow down inflatable! Four people race to collect as many balls as they can before they run out. Very exciting to watch and very competitive to play. Cliff Jump - NEW RENTAL - Calling all daredevils! Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and jump off the rocky summit? The Cliff Jump is a huge climbing and jumping amusement game designed to look like an imposing gray rock wall cliff. Airborne Adventure - 18' high... You will feel like you are parachuting down. NY Mets Speed Pitch New York Mets Tee Ball Batting Cage - Time to improve your batting average.... used by Major and Minor League baseball. Inflatable Batting Cage - Batter Up!  Great batting cage that is Safe and Fun. Bouncy Boxing - The Bouncy Boxing is a perfect size and offers hours of Bouncy Boxing Fun! Includes 2 Headgear Helmets and 2 Pair of Giant Boxing Gloves. Bungee Bull - The Bungee Bull Sports Action Inflatable is a great unit for testing your balance. Get ready for some non-stop ride'em cowboy fun Bungee Run Sports Action - See how far you can go before you get pulled back. Dimensions 15' x 25'. Cliff Hanger Rock Wall - 24' high - Everyone has fun trying to climb to the top. 4 Person Euro Bungee - Adventure is the name of the game, there is nothing more adventurous than getting a high from falling from a height. Four people at once can bounce jump and bounce from this unusual fantastic attraction. Gladiator Joust - This Sports Action Inflatable unit is 18' x 18'. Everyone has fun knocking each other off the pedestals. Human Bowling - Lots of Fun! You now have a chance to use someone you know as a Human Bowling Ball. Laser Maze - Walk into our 18' x 18' inflatable maze and behold a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries. Mechanical Bull - Includes our fierce but friendly T.E. the Bull, the only bull that throws you for a change! Great for backyard parties, corporate events, fund raisers, or just for a good old down home rodeo! Mechanical Rock Wall - Take your event to new heights with our 24 foot high wall climb featuring the state-of-the-art auto belay system. Mechanical Surf Board Surf's Up!  Ride our totally awesome Mechanical Surfboard and get your big wave without getting wet! Great for backyard parties, corporate events, fund raisers, or just for a Groovy Surf Party! Paintless Paintball - Using paintless paintballs as ammunition with standard paintball markers, Shooting Gallery allows players to enjoy the impact of paintball without the mess. Pillow Bash - Climb up onto the pole and attempt to knock off your opponent with a swing of your pillow. This inflatable measures approx 15' x 15'. Pyramid Rockwall - Our pyramid shaped mountain sits on top of a 30' x 30' inflated base. Safety is #1 when climbing, so we will be placing you into a harness before you begin. Then it's up, up and away. Go for the gold and reach the summit on the Rocky Mountain. Kids T-Ball Game Inflatable is all new.  A colorful centerpiece attraction for any carnival, fair, or picnic, this game is approximately 14' Wide x 12' Deep x 10' High. Tiki Island - Towering over 28' tall, the Tiki Island Rockwall is what you need. Tiki Island features actual climbing rocks for that authentic experience. It also has an auto belay system along with quick connect climbing harnesses. Ultimate Dodgeball - A 70' foot long Dodge Ball Arena. Velcro Wall - Sticky Wall is approximately  22' x 12' x 13' feet in height. World Sport Games - World Sports Games has the game kids want to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart/Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Coconut Tree Climb - The mobile COCONUT TREE CLIMB® is a themed attraction that will bring a unique and memorable experience.  These trees are fun and easy to climb with textured trunks to grab and additional bolt-on handholds every 2 feet (60 cm).  The bolt-on handholds allow you to add or remove grips to adjust the skill level if needed. Boulder Dash - Two opponents face off head-to-head, zig-zagging across raised foam platforms while dodging swinging foam boulders hurled from six onlookers! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. It’s a dash to the finish in this game that combines both speed and strategy. The Wrecking Ball - The Human Demolition-Wrecking Ball! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop the inflated pad. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of the inflated pad. The last player standing is the champion.Pillow Bash - Climb up onto the pole and attempt to knock off your opponent with a swing of your pillow. This inflatable measures approx 15' x 15'.Water Wars - Take sides and try not to get wet in this fun water game. Each side launches water bombs at the opposing team.The projectiles burst in the netting, raining down water on the people underneath. Length: 45 FT Width: 13 FT Height: 15 FT Wipeout - Can you survive the Wipe Out / Log Slammer? Four of you are trapped floating down the river on tree stumps trying to avoid the swinging log stumps. Do you jump or do you duck? Either way just make sure that you don't get snapped up by the hungry creatures waiting for you. Inflatable Hockey Pitch - We guarantee you haven't tried anything like this before. Bubble Soccer is ideal for Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Sports Tournaments! Inflatable Hockey Pitch - 10 x 15 feet. Online Family Photo Album by v3.2m